My Lost Contact Lens

Paul Closius

Lomalinda Lake, Colombia South America

The time was about 5:15. It was a hot afternoon and I had just come home from work. Grace and I hopped onto our small motorcycle with the three kids, behind, between and in front of us, to the nearby lake.

The sun always sets at 6:00 on the equator so we only had a few minutes to swim. After we got back on the beach, I leaned over the cement bench to put in my contact lenses. Oops, I dropped the second lens onto the sand. I suddenly became half blind (I’m very nearsighted) and we searched around frantically for the lens. The sun was going down and it was hopeless. I had to drive us home with only one lens in my eye!

I returned at 7:30 with a dimly lit flashlight and the light of my motorcycle - and a prayer. I had to focus the headlamp from the idling cycle onto the area. That was tricky because the engine kept stalling. Another challenge was I could only see clearly with one eye! After an hour of persistence and prayer, I found the lens under a small blade of grass.

I was blind, and suddenly I could see again. I was thankful for prayer, light, my effort and a gracious God!